David Justice studied French at the Sorbonne, mathematics and
physics at Harvard and MIT, and math and linguistics at Berkeley.

In addition to the works described below, David Justice is the author of
The Semantics of Form in Arabic, in the Mirror of European

He taught French at Berkeley, and linguistics at the University of
Alberta, then worked at Merriam-Webster as Editor of Etymology
(where he edited Webster’s
Book of Word Histories) and as Editor of
Pronunciation. He subsequently was editor-in-chief at Franklin
Electronic Publishers. He is currently employed as a language analyst.

He lives with his bride of thirty-five years, overlooking a peaceful lake.

David Justice writes a blog on theology, philosophy, and mathematics
The World of Dr. Justice, as well as pieces focused on the private
Investigator of his fiction, Michael X. Murphy at
Murphy Bros.
Lingua Sacra Publishing
Author David Justice, with
his wife Suzanne and son
Novels by David Justice
Short Stories by David Justice
I Don't Do Divorce Cases

Murphy is a deeply flawed man, but has always had an aversion to
taking that bread and butter of the investigative field--the divorce
case. He's not himself exactly sure why he won't compromise
himself with them. In the stories within this volume, he explores
that mystery as he meets other intriguing cases along the way.

Click here to read an excerpt from I Don't Do Divorce Cases.
Murphy on the Mount

This is the first novel-length story featuring Michael X. Murphy
and his brother Joey. Murphy takes on the most impossible of
cases, no leads, no clues, and then no client!

As the case unfolds, however, Murphy learns of the "Blasphemy
Against the Holy Spirit"--the unpardonable sin! He proceeds with
the case now burdened with the concern that he may already have
committed it and is thus irretrievably lost.

Murphy on the Mount is a humorous, thoughtful, and ultimately
triumphant story of forgiveness and redemption.

Click here to read excerpts from Murphy on the Mount.
Don't Mention It

This story first appeared in Alfred Hitchcock in May, 1988. It is
included in the collection I Don't Do Divorce Cases, but if you're
looking for a single story to start your exploration of the world of
Murphy, it's a classic example of David Justice's style.

Murphy and Joey start into what seems like a normal missing
person case. But curious inconsistencies emerge in the client's
Murphy Makes a Mitzvah

Solly's sister is dying. But he can't just close up his pawn shop.
Too many people depend on him. For one, there's Murphy, who
has put his toaster in and out of hock a dozen times this year

Who could possibly handle the business in his absence?

Murphy takes on the job in a surprising and quirky story of love
and redemption.
Murphy Calls in a Specialist

We read in Scripture, " “He that toucheth pitch, shall be defiled ..."

And so it proves for Murphy.

His massive powers of detection quickly penetrate to the heart of
the case -- its dreadful truth --but here, mere knowledge does not

Shaken, infected by what he most abhors... Murphy must call in a
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery
have both published short
stories by David Justice featuring the
Murphy Brothers.

You can read all of those in
I Don't Do
Divorce Cases, as well as many never
before published stories, in which
Murphy, with his brother Joey, solve
strange cases and along the way explore
the mysteries and meaning of life.

Murphy on the Mount is the first
novel-length story featuring the
Murphy Brothers.
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